The impact that chronic pain has on over 300 million Indians is a concern for all health care providers and a problem that is expected to grow as advanced medicine allows for greater and greater longevity. Unfortunately, chronic pain sufferers face many challenges including mediocre access to care, lack of understanding of their diagnosis and drawn out treatments with poor outcomes.

As interventional spine & pain management specialist, we shares your goal of minimizing these obstacles in order to provide the highest standard of care for patients with chronic pain. Our doctors are leaders in field of Minimally invasive spine surgery ,Interventional spine & pain management,Neurosurgery,Non-surgical spine pain treatment and have been serving the new Delhi for many years. In our practices, we are focused on: diagnosing the source of pain; formulating comprehensive treatment plans; utilizing the most advanced techniques available to attempt to eliminate pain; and, when indicated, selectively using medication to control pain.

We are pleased to say that, in an effort to effectively serve our community, we have convenient locations and t hours including same day or next day appointments. Our well-trained super-specialist, participation with most major insurance carriers and utilization of advanced techniques ensure that we can provide prompt, quality care for our patients. Our ultimate goal is to provide relief from pain and allow patients to get back to pain free life!